6 Questions For A Tween Photographer

1. What kind of photography do you offer? I am a teen & tween photographer.  I also photograph families.

Waxhaw Teen Photographer Olga Nikiciuk-7

2. What is your photography style? I’d like to describe my photography style as real, simple and classic. I strive to deliver clean looking images with a classy look.

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3. What is your favorite thing about being a Teen & Tween Photographer? My favorite thing about being a tween and teen photographer is that I can showcase personality of the girls I photograph and show them their amazing natural beauty.


4. Do you offer consultations for your clients about wardrobe choices? Yes. I do help my clients choose their outfits. I love using accessories so I ask to bring lots of them. Sometimes I shop with my clients “virtually” – they go shopping and text me images of their outfits they want to buy.

Waxhaw Teen Photographer Olga Nikiciuk-6

5. Do you suggest locations for your session with teenagers or do you allow them to choose the location? I usually brainstorm the ideal location with the parents. If they don’t have any location in mind, I may suggest a location I have photographed at before.

6. What products are the most popular with your teens? I offer a wide range of high quality products to meet everyone’s needs. From my experience, teens and tweens  like sharing the digital images on Instagram. They also like to have a few images printed for their rooms. Their parents usually order albums or canvas so they can have a tangible product to display for the home. They also buy gift prints for sharing with other family members.



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  1. Baotran April 9, 2015 at 9:54 pm #

    What a fun age to photograph! They must have so much fun dressing up and letting you photograph them. They must feel pretty special afterwards!

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