What Makes a Great Headshot Picture For Online Dating

What Makes a Great Headshot Picture For Online Dating?

Are you getting a “click” with your online dating headshot picture? People are not going to get to know you if you don’t put yourself out there in a way that grabs someone’s attention. You need to create a great first impression with your headshot picture. When selecting a profile image for online dating, you should pick a photo that makes you appear friendly, approachable and that reflects THE REAL YOU. There are three the most important factors that make great headshots stand above the average:

1. Your headshot has to look natural.

Whether on location or in the studio – a relaxed environment will help you look natural. Also, feeling comfortable with the photographer will have a huge impact on how natural you will be in front of the camera. Choice of wardrobe is very important. When you are choosing an outfit for your headshotsheadshot picture for online dating, a good guideline to follow is to consider the type of outfit  you would wear to an actual date – a black dress is always a good choice (take a jacket or sweater for a quick change of the look). Also, there is no need to put on tons of makeup. You want to look like yourself on your best day so do your hair and makeup the way you would do when you go on a date.

2. Your headshot must reflect your personality. 

We have all heard that a picture speaks a thousand words so with the right image your personality needs to shine throughYou need a competent photographer with professional equipment and experience to capture the essence that says “I am the one”. Remember it is you who can bring your personality to the shoot, but a great headshot photographer can help capture it and make sure it comes through in the final image.

3. Go PRO.

Don’t take a selfie or worse… don’t crop yourself out of a group image to put it as your profile picture. It may be a worthy investment of your time and money to visit a professional photographer to take some decent headshots. Find a headshot photographer who will take pictures you both can be proud of.


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