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6 Questions For A Tween Photographer

1. What kind of photography do you offer? I am a teen & tween photographer.  I also photograph families.

Waxhaw Teen Photographer Olga Nikiciuk-7

2. What is your photography style? I’d like to describe my photography style as real, simple and classic. I strive to deliver clean looking images with a classy look. Continue reading »

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Charlotte Dancers – Favorite Images of Ballet Dancers

Charlotte Dancers – Favorite Images of Ballet Dancers

I had a pleasure to photograph a few of Charlotte dancers this year. I always admire their graceful movements and hand gestures.

We all know that to become a professional dancer you will need lots of practice, determination, best teachers and of course passion. Morgan and Kendall are two gorgeous young Charlotte dancers who have all of the above. They are competitive dancers at Miller Street Dance Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina. I had a chance to watch their gracefulness, beautiful posture and energetic movements through my lens.

“I can’t imagine life without dance. It makes me feel free and I forget about everything else.”  – Kendall Ramirez [right image]

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