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3 Tips On How To Find A Family Photographer in Waxhaw?

best family photographer in new yorkFinding a family photographer in Waxhaw is relatively easy these days. Everybody who has a camera can call themselves a photographer. So how to choose the right family photographer? When you look for a family photographer or a photographer to take pictures of your teen daughter’s birthday party with her friends, the 3 tips below may be helpful to make your decision:

1. Portfolio. Look at photographer’s portfolio to see if you like the photography style they produce. Would you hang the images on your walls? Would you want to get an album with such images for your coffee table?

2. Specialization. Does the photographer specialize in one or two genres OR does he/she tend to photograph everything – maternity, newborn, children, family, weddings? You more likely want to hire somebody who has more experience photographing specific genre. Continue reading »

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Gift for Mother’s Day – Waxhaw Photographer

Gift for Mother’s Day

Are you looking for a gift for Mother’s Day? You may consider to book a photo session for your mom so she can get pampered and feel beautiful again! This Mother’s Day, I had a pleasure to take images of a beautiful, busy mom of 3 girls. This is what April said to me after her photo shoot for Mother’s Day: “Thank you for a beautiful day. It’s been a long time since I held my oldest kids like that and I needed that physical reminder. And it really was a treat to look and feel beautiful!”
mother with kids photo
All mothers are busy and they have a hard time to  find some time for themselves. Their day to day lives take away what matters the most – stopping the moment with their young children. Give your mom the best gift for Mother’s Day – beautiful photos of her with her kids so she can always remember this special day! What is the better way to have memories of these precious moments than having them on photographs? After the Mother’s Day photo shoot I asked her 5 questions about motherhood:
1. What has given you the most joy as a mom?
The thing that’s given me the most joy us watching the world through their eyes and realizing potential in things I never stopped to realize before. Everything is new to them and therefore me as well.
2. Something your children do that makes you smile.
All three still have words they can’t say right… and sound like a baby because if it. I live that.
3. How does it feel to watch your children grow up?
Awesome. We were told I would never be able to have. Holden. I was stage four endometriosis and it had damaged everything so extensively they said there was very little hope. We went straight to infertility meds and procedures and through that had two babies and lost two. And adopted one. So just having them is a joy and watching them grow up is an answered prayer.
4. What is the one thing you would have done differently as a mom?
Been more patient. I am not a patient soul.
5. What is something you miss about the life before your kids?
I miss traveling. My husband I used to do so much international travel… we would save and then go. Ireland, Mexico, Scotland, Wales. We tell ourselves we will pick it back up after they are grown a bit.
 I have also asked her oldest daughter Abbie to finish 7 sentences about her mom:
1. The things I love the most about my mom is…HER SMILE
2. She makes me so happy when she…IS HAPPY
3. My mom is the best at making…COOKIES
4. Her favorite food is…BREAD
5. Her favorite color is…GREEN
6. When my mom was a little girl, she use to…CLIMB TREES
7. I wouldn’t trade her for all the WISHES in the world.
 Waxhaw mothers-3

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