My Favorite Gallery Of Fort Mill Tween Images

My Favorite Gallery Of Fort Mill Tween Images

Everybody has a best friend. Having good and positive friendship in life is crucial. In our busy world, filled with cell phones, internet and TV, tweens and teens have less time to build true bonds with their friends. These Fort Mill tween girls had their fun photo shoot to cherish their true friendship.

Simple activity like this Best Friend Photo Session gave these Fort Mill tween girls an opportunity to improve the depth of their friendships. They had a chance to feel like a model for the day. The three Fort Mill tween girls were photographed together and this is probably why they felt very confident and comfortable in front of the camera. So even if any of the girls is usually shy, they usually warm up pretty quick having their best friends with them.

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Charlotte Dancers – Favorite Images of Ballet Dancers

Charlotte Dancers – Favorite Images of Ballet Dancers

I had a pleasure to photograph a few of Charlotte dancers this year. I always admire their graceful movements and hand gestures.

We all know that to become a professional dancer you will need lots of practice, determination, best teachers and of course passion. Morgan and Kendall are two gorgeous young Charlotte dancers who have all of the above. They are competitive dancers at Miller Street Dance Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina. I had a chance to watch their gracefulness, beautiful posture and energetic movements through my lens.

“I can’t imagine life without dance. It makes me feel free and I forget about everything else.”  – Kendall Ramirez [right image]

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Back To School Photo Session

Frequently Asked Questions About Back To School Photo Sessions:

charlotte children photography back to school session

Q: How does the limited edition session differ from a regular session?

A: Regular custom portrait sessions usually last an hour in length and is hold at the location of your choice with a few outfit changes. Limited Edition sessions are conducted at a specific location and are 30 minutes long with one outfit. This particular session is for children ages 4 and up.

Q: How can I book the Back To School limited edition session?

A: To book your back to school session, please email info at studioonphotography dot com including your name, your child/children’s name(s), ages, day preferred (August 16th or 17th ) and your phone number.

Q: What is the cost of the session?

A: The cost is $250 + tax for up to 2 children. Payment will be due in full at your session day. For your convenience, Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted.

Q: When will I receive my images?

A: A week after your session, I will email you a link to your password protected gallery with 10 images. The images you choose will be retouched and will be emailed to you. The Back To School session includes 5 images, however, additional images can be purchased at $25 each.

Q: What if it rains on the day of our session?

If it rains, the session will be cancelled and rescheduled at a future date and time.

Q: When to arrive for my session?

A: Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to sign-in. Lateness will affect your available session time.

Q: What to wear for the back to school photo session?

A: Dress your child as he/she would be dressed for their first day of school. Textured fabrics photograph nicely. Layers are always great and easy to work with – they can be added or removed to create a different look in minimal time.

Q: What should I bring?

A: I will have a few props with me, but I encourage you to bring your own props as well – a backpack, books, pencils etc.

Q: What is the location of the back to school session?

The address of the park location will be emailed to you a few days before your scheduled session (within 10-20 miles radius of 28277)

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Father’s Day Gift Idea From Charlotte Family Photographer

Father’s Day Gift Idea From Charlotte Family Photographer

Stella and her little sister Clara. It is my second time photographing these sisters together. I have a few props with me: different hats, a rocking horse and a red chair. I meet the girls and their mom Wendy at the parking lot and we walk together to our destination. Stella offers to help with the hats. She is all excited and full of energy despite the fact the photo session is after school.

A single fat cloud snailed across the sky, giving me a perfect diffused light to work with for this children photo session. We start off with some simple candid poses the girls come up with.

charlotte family images

charlotte family pics

Then the girls pretend to be cowgirls, laughing while mommy and I make the “neigh” sound.

charlotte family photographers

charlotte family kids photosSometimes the children photo session looks like this. But you know what? The mom just loves this picture! She will remember this very moment forever !:)

charlotte family pictureA few days after the session I meet Stella and she tells me her big secret – she has an idea for Father’s Day gift. She is going to give her dad a mug with hers and Clara’s images on it. What a cute idea! Thank you for sharing this photo!

photo-father's day gift ideas

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Spring Photo Shoot In Charlotte – Waxhaw Photographer

Spring Photo Shoot In Charlotte – Waxhaw Photographer

Spring photo shoots are always full of color. They bring lots of fun for small children. It ‘s early afternoon when we arrive at park for our spring photo session. The park is almost empty on a weekday. We are just two hours before the sunset. The air has cooled. Julia says how much she loves how the air smells. Like freshly picked flowers. The park is full of pink trees – the pink flowers match her dress she got from her grandmother last year. Yes! Pink is her favorite color. She wants to smell the flowers so she reaches up and touches them – this is the perfect moment for my image.

Spring Photo Shoot In Charlotte

Spring Photo Shoot In Charlotte images


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Family Photo Shoot In Charlotte

Family Photo Shoot In Charlotte

When Stephanie contacted me to schedule her family photo shoot in Charlotte I was very excited to see this family again this year. It’s a nice feeling to know I am their family photographer! 🙂 I had a few locations in mind for them but we ended up choosing an urban setting. The colorful and energetic backdrops helped us create fun and unique family photo shoot experience for them.

urban family pictures

Ben loves showing off his power ranger costume. He showed me some really good moves!

children pictures

This family portrait went on their wall so they can look at it every day!

family photo shoot in charlotte







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1st Birthday Photos in Waxhaw

1st Birthday Photos in Waxhaw

I had a pleasure of taking 1st birthday photos of one of my favorite model! His mom and I met first time during her maternity session. Then she brought her new baby Lucas for another photo shoot. He was only 2 weeks old. It’s a blessing to be able to see  how the  babies grow up!

We chose a nearby park for Lucas’ 1st birthday photos. His mom brought bunch of  balloons that she tided to the stroller. We were busy preparing and setting Lucas on the  blanket and didn’t even notice when the balloons took off ! We’ve never seen them again! Despite the loss, we had a great time! Lukas was very cooperative and he made my job easy. How not to LOVE this little guy’s 1st birthday photos!?

1st birthday photos

I was able to document his first steps as well.

cute baby pictures

He loved playing with his mom. At the end he showed me “the finger”. Look at mom’s face! Precious! 🙂

1st birthday photos

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